How to: Organize Your Living Room

Quick Tips to Keep Your Living Room Organized

Your living room is often the first room that a guest will see and is often where guests will sit. However, as it’s often the place where most people are sitting, it’s not uncommon for it to get cluttered. Clear away the clutter with these helpful tips to keep your living room organized.

  1. Keep flat surfaces clear

Flat surfaces tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, from books, papers, magazines, and mail. To start the clean-up, move all papers into one bin, and then sort through it. What are you going to keep and what needs to be tossed? After you clean up, make a plan on where these items will go in the future so that you can avoid the mess building up again.

  1. Use baskets and furniture with hidden storage

Baskets and hidden storage furniture are great ways to organize your living room. They add to your living room décor and keep you organized at the same time! Furniture with hidden storage is a great way to keep things in your living room that would usually make the room look messy.

  1. Wrangle cords

Having several cords laying around can make your living room look messy, even when it’s clean. A cable caddy can stick onto a desk or behind a TV console. They have several spots for cables to clamp into, making the cords much more organized. You can also consider using a cable zipper, which will enclose all the cables into one tube.

  1. Small spaces and shelves

Do you have small spaces that you can’t figure out what to do with? Use the space and fill it with shelving! It makes good use of space that can’t be filled with furniture and gives you a perfect place to put random items.

  1. Nesting tables

Nesting tables work well for small spaces and work perfectly as end tables. Place the shorter table underneath the main table, then pull them out when needed.

  1. Use a wastebasket

If you notice that trash tends to accumulate in your living room, consider purchasing a wastebasket. Not many living rooms tend to have a trash can, as they’re not very attractive and can smell. However, to counteract this, consider purchasing a wastebasket that matches to décor of your living room and avoid throwing away food in the basket. If this can’t be avoided and you know you will be throwing food away in it, purchase a wastebasket with a lid and deodorizing trash bags.

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