Six Feng Shui Mistakes

Feng Shui Mistakes

The concept of feng shui is meant to balance the energies in a given space to bring your environment into alignment with who you are and where you want to be. However, sometimes this can be difficult. There are many different principles that you can use to feng shui your house. However, there are some things that you shouldn’t do. Here are six feng shui mistakes.

  1. A bed and a door

You spend about a third of your life sleeping. So, shouldn’t you want to have the best atmosphere possible? To do this, you should start with the bed. Don’t place your bed on the same wall as a door. You should be able to see the door from your bed. According to feng shui experts, placing a bed near the door (where there is constant energy) negates the calm atmosphere you should be trying to create. If you can’t avoid having the bed on the same wall as your door, hang a mirror so you can see the reflection of the door from your bed.

  1. Greenery in the bedroom

Potted plants are actively growing, giving off a restless energy into the bedroom. As we mentioned before, you should aim for a calming energy in the bedroom, so this is the exact opposite!

  1. Raised toilet seat

Not only is it more pleasing to see a closed toilet seat when entering a bathroom, it is also better for your home’s feng shui. The toilet’s opening is like a drain. Exposing it can be equivocated to your home losing its good fortune.

  1. Clutter

A home that’s cluttered is stagnated. The flow of energy is blocked by the clutter in a space. Throw away things you don’t need or put them in their proper places to energize and enhance your home.

  1. Mirrors facing one another

When two mirrors face each other, a vortex of energy is created. This energy is often challenging and very aggressive. This is especially true when the two mirrors are larger in size.

  1. Mix of flooring

To give your home strong, positive energy, it is best to choose one flooring type. When each room has a different flooring, the energy is weakened as there isn’t as much of a continuous flow. The exception to this rule is in the kitchen and bathroom, where different types of flooring are often needed.

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