Fix it or Leave it Alone

home repairs

When making the decision to sell your house, you may be wondering if you need to repair anything in your home. Here are some questions to ask yourself to figure out if you should fix it or leave it.

  1. Does it make the property look uncared for?

Anything that doesn’t work as it should can be an immediate turn-off to a buyer, such as leaky faucets, cracked tiles, an overgrown lawn, anything that doesn’t work as it should, or doesn’t appeal to the eye cosmetically. At an open house, people may walk through quickly, and if they notice a few things that are wrong or off, they may just give up on your home.

  1. Can you find a less expensive fix?

Rather than spending money on a large upgrade, see if you can find a less costly fix. For example, if the other homes in your neighborhood have updated kitchens, you can paint the cabinets, switch out the hardware, or change the light fixtures. You can also use stainless steel paint to emulate the look and feel of a more expensive product.

  1. How much would you need to lower the price if you don’t fix it?

If you have a lot of repairs that would be too costly to fix, consider selling the house as is and lowering the cost. People who are looking to buy a fixer-upper will also be looking for homes at a lower asking price.

  1. Is it one of the first things a buyer would see?

Pretend you are a buyer. Is the broken item something you will see when you first approach the house, or when you first walk into the house? If so, fix it. More often than not, first impressions are your only impressions, so you want to make it a great one.

  1. Is it a deal breaker?

If you have plenty of time in a hot market, there’s no harm in trying to sell without making the big repair as long as you’re pricing it accordingly. If the buyer is ready to purchase but you do not have time to repair before listing, you could offer the repair as part of the sales agreement. However, if the repair is on a larger scale, it may be best to make the change first and put the home on the market afterward.