How to Make Your Garage Door More Attractive

garage door appearance

When thinking of how to spruce up your home, concerns about the garage door rarely come to mind. However it can be very important for your home’s overall curb appeal – a factor that plays an important role in your home’s overall value. If your garage door is bland and boring or showy and out-of-place, it can reflect poorly both on your home and on you. An aesthetically pleasing garage door that goes well with your home itself and your property in general can make your home much more aesthetically pleasing and appealing to potential buyers.


Windows are a great way to spruce up your garage door. Not only do they make the garage door much more attractive, but also do they improve the garage itself. With better windows, your garage will have more natural lighting and create a more pleasing environment. Consider windows of different shapes (circular, rectangular, octagonal, etc.) and even different colors and tints!


One of the easiest ways to spruce up your garage door and your home is to paint it! A fresh coat of paint can dramatically improve how your garage door looks. When choosing a color, consider how well it might match with the rest of your home, like shutters, and maybe even give some thought to how color affects mood.


After working to change the garage door itself, you may want to look into adding a few accessories to spruce it up. Lamps, door handles, potted plants, and even garden gnomes can go a long way towards brightening up your garage door and give it a little character. You can hang trinkets from either side of the door or change the bulb colors of your door’s lamps regularly for some variety. Get creative!