How to Entertain in Small Spaces

Entertaining in Small Spaces

Small living spaces don’t mean that you can’t have big parties. Here’s how to entertain in small spaces.

  1. Clean

Whether you have a big house or a small space, cleaning should always be a priority before guests come over. Small spaces may be even more important to thoroughly clean before guests arrive. Guests will most likely be closer to your living space if there is less room to spread out.

If you have any valuable belongings, move them to a different room to ensure they don’t get broken. Hide them under a bed, in a cabinet, or somewhere else that won’t have high foot traffic.

  1. Move furniture

Move furniture against walls to get more space out of your room. You can re-arrange your furniture for the party. Consider bringing in pieces of furniture from other rooms in your home if they better suit the party. If you have any extra pieces, stash them in a bedroom or a closet to get them out of the way.

  1. Entertaining spaces

Experiment with different seating areas. If you have a party of eight, but your dining room only seats four, consider using different tables, such as your coffee table to add places. This allows you to maximize the space you have without having to add in extra tables that take away more space.

  1. Food and drink spaces

You can use any surface for a serving space. Set your drink station on a windowsill and use a shelf to serve up appetizers. Get creative with the space that you have! Anything with a flat-top can be used as a countertop by throwing a tablecloth over it.

  1. Tiered trays

Tiered trays go a long way to maximize space while entertaining in a small space. These trays give you a way to display your food without needing multiple dishes. If you don’t have any, ask to see if any neighbors or friends have one you can borrow.

  1. Put away the jackets

Entertaining in the winter comes with an issue for small spaces…jackets. If you don’t have any room in your closet, consider using another room, such as the bedroom or a den, to lay the jackets down and keep them out of the way.

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