Three Home Maintenance Tasks for February

Here are some tasks you should tackle in February to keep your home in the best shape.

  1. Clean entryway floors

If you’re familiar with cold winters, that probably means you’re also familiar with road salt and snow getting tracked into your home. This can mean that your entryway floor can get messy fast. Clean up whatever is cluttering your entranceway and then take a mop to the floor to get it shiny clean! To keep your floor clean for as long as possible between mopping, keep an old towel in a basket near the door to clean up any messes or puddles that might happen day-to-day.

  1. Clean out dryer vents

Cleaning out your dryer vents is very important. Lint and other debris cling to the outside vents, so you need to take time to clean them off. If not, the lint and debris could cause your dryer’s efficiency to decrease, increase your energy bills, and can cause dryer fires. Twice a year, take a leaf blower to clear out this debris. Be sure to cover the outside vents with mesh to ensure birds and bugs can’t get into the ducts.

  1. Keep sidewalks clear

Ice and snow can make your walkways dangerous, so upkeep is a must. Shovel snow as it accumulates, instead of waiting for the storm to be over. This will make for a much smoother and easier shoveling process. Use road salt to melt ice and sprinkle gravel, straw, or wood chips to provide extra traction. If you know a snowstorm is headed your way and you will be out of town, ask a neighbor or hire someone to clear the sidewalk and your front steps while you’re away.

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