Seven Types of Doors

Types of Doors

Doors are one of the most important factors in your home. Not only are they functional, but they can also add flair to a room. If you’re thinking of adding new doors to your humble abode, here are seven different types to consider.

  1. Hinged single door

A hinged single door is the most common type of door. However, the room must the space for the door to swing. An interior hinged door is typically lightweight with two hinges. Exterior hinge doors are heavier and often have three hinges instead of two.

  1. Flush door

This is usually the least expensive choice. It is a simple flat slab. If the door is made of hardwood veneer, such as oak or birch, the door can be stained. In other cases, different materials look best when painted.

  1. Panel door

A panel door typically has three or four horizontal rails and three vertical stiles. The spaces in between them are filled with thinner panels. A decorative molding, called sticking, surrounds each of the panels. These doors work well in both traditional and modern home styles.

  1. Pocket door

Pocket doors slide completely into the wall when open, allowing you to open the doorway without taking up any floor space. However, these doors require you to have enough room in your wall without any electrical or plumbing lines running through it.

  1. French door

A French door adds a charming touch to any room. They are typically two doors, side by side, and are often made with glass panels. They are commonly used for exterior patio doors, but can be used inside as well, if the door opening is wide enough.

  1. Bi-fold door

A pair of bi-fold doors are popularly used for closets that are six feet wide or more. Each door takes up about half the swinging space that a hinged door does.

  1. Sliding door

A sliding door has one or more sliding shutter. This is based on opening available. These are often used for porches.

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